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Scatter creates a community of learners applying Christian faith to themes of calling, culture, and work in diverse roles and industries.


What Others Say

I need to remind myself that my job is a holy calling, and that the people that I work with are sacred, since they are made in the image of God… This gave me a fresh perspective that my work is given to me to serve others and glorify God.

Bets Strock, Quest Diagnostics

This nurtured a part of me that is usually ignored when it comes to my work. While my faith and calling are intimately connected for me, the rest of the world is usually only willing to consider one or the other. It is a relief to bring these together.

Dr. Robin Dickinson, Physician

Thanks for the thought-filled community you’re creating for Jesus followers to love God with their hearts, minds, and their spirits in business – especially the business of managing (stewarding!) assets.

Jon Hokama, American Business Advisors

Jesus is working to reconcile all things to Himself. All Christians have a specific role in that, and I’m starting to lean into mine…embracing my role in my city.

Ben Sooy, Hope for Our City